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Response to monkeypox ‘worse’ than HIV, experts say


International experts met earlier in the day to discuss the need to avoid repeating the mistakes made when the HIV.

Dr. Meg Doherty, Director of Programs on HIVon hepatitis and on sexually transmitted infections from the World Health Organization (WHO), told reporters that an equitable approach is crucial to ensure that the tools are available not only in the most rich but also in Africa, where monkeypox is traditionally present.

More than 19,000 cases of the disease have been reported in recent months in 78 countries, mostly among men who have sex with men. A total of 803 of these cases were listed in Canada as of July 29.

Keletso Makofane, a public health researcher at Harvard University, called the global response a HIV“,”text”:”worse than initial HIV response”}}”>worse than the initial response to the HIVclaiming that we already have enough information about the virus to contain it.

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Meanwhile, Professor Marina Klein, director of research in the division of infectious diseases and the service of chronic viral diseases at McGill University, argued that more studies are needed to understand the extent of transmission. of this disease.

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