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Robots that can cook your holiday feast for you


The latter launched this year the Moley Robotics Kitchen (Moley robotic kitchen), a kitchen that includes a robot capable of making 5,000 different recipes.

The two-armed robot is mounted on the ceiling above a custom-made cooker by the British company. You have to select a recipe and then provide the food processor with the ingredients in the right proportions before starting to cook.

The device can manipulate the various controls on the stove, move pans, stir ingredients with a spatula, whisk, turn, etc. However, for the moment, he cannot peel potatoes or cut carrots into julienne strips.

The machine’s movements were programmed by copying those of a professional chef, namely Tim Anderson, who won the UK public broadcaster’s TV MasterChef competition in 2011.

After several repetitions of a recipe by the chef, the movements for its execution were recorded in an optimized program, in order to recreate the same recipe each time.

The robot from Moley Robotics cleans kitchen surfaces itself after work. But all this comes at a cost prohibitive enough for now: around $ 257,000, reports the BBC.

The British company is not the only robotics specialist to invest in the food and restaurant industry. There is for example the young French growth Pazzi which offers in two Parisian branches pizzas entirely cooked by a robot. Other companies have created robots that specialize in burgers, or ice cream, for example.

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