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Russia: new fine for the journalist opposed to the offensive in Ukraine | War in Ukraine


Convicted by a Moscow administrative court of having discredited the Russian army, Ms Ovsiannikova will have to pay a fine of 40,000 rubles (about $855), she said on her Telegram account.

Her lawyer, Dmitry Zakhvatov, said the journalist was convicted on the basis of a message she posted on Facebook.

She had already been sentenced at the end of July to pay a fine for the same reason. Two convictions less than six months apart open the way to a criminal case, with potential legal consequences much heavier.

Ms. Ovsiannikova, who continues to strongly criticize the offensive in Ukraine despite legal threats, also shared the text of her defense, all in irony, which she read before the judge on Monday.

I admit it’s good […] America and Europe which have led to the fact that in Russia there is no longer any freedom of speech, independent court or free elections. Or that people are imprisoned for calling for peaceshe said in particular.

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Fame… and criticism

Ms. Ovsiannikova became famous in mid-March after appearing, in full newspaper, on the set of a pro-Kremlin television channel for which she worked. During her speech, she carried a placard denouncing the offensive in Ukraine and the propaganda government-controlled media.

The images of his gesture went around the world. Many people praised his courage, in a context of repression of any critical voice in Russia.

However, she is not unanimous within the Russian opposition, some still reproaching her for her years spent working for the Pervy Kanal channel, the Kremlin’s mouthpiece.

After having worked several months abroad, in particular for the German newspaper Die Weltshe announced in early July that she had returned to Russia to settle a dispute related to the custody of her two children.

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