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Russia opposes linking climate and security at UN


The text, which was favored by 12 of the 15 members of the Council, asked the secretary general of theUnited Nations Organization Antonio Guterres ofintegrate climate-related security risks as a central element in the overall conflict prevention strategies of the United Nations.

India, without the right of veto, voted against, judging that global warming was mainly linked to a question of economic development. China abstained.

The resolution also called on the head of theUnited Nations Organization report within two years on the security implications […] adverse effects of climate change on files managed by the Board, and recommendations on how these risks can be addressed.

Harshly criticized veto

The American Ambassador to theUnited Nations Organization, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, argued that Russia’s veto did not no justification. The climate crisis is a security crisis, she argued.

Expressing their deep disappointment after the vote, his counterparts from Ireland and Niger, Geraldine Byrne Nason and Abdou Abarry, strongly denounced the existence of a veto right in the Security Council which has remained the prerogative since the World War II of its only five permanent members (United States, Russia, China, France and United Kingdom).

This right is an anachronism and this Council will never live up to its mandate for international peace and security if it does not adapt to new challenges such as climate change, these two ambassadors of non-permanent member countries attacked the Council.

Within this body, where the United States has so far shown little initiative and counterweight to Russia under the administration of Joe Biden, Moscow leads the dance by recourse without qualms to its veto right on multiple issues: Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Central African Republic, Mali, Bosnia …

A resolution unacceptable, says Moscow

On Thursday, the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, came to theUnited Nations Organization advocate for the resolution. It is high time for the Council, as part of its preventive mandate, to take into account the security risks associated with climate change as an additional element of our peace and security architecture., he had explained.

Russian ambassador to theUnited Nations Organization, Vassily Nebenzia, then rejected any transversal seizure of the Security Council on this issue and reiterated on Monday that the resolution was unacceptable.

For us, the direct link between terrorism and climate change is far from obvious, he said, refusing a resolution that would create confusion and duplicates with other forums dealing with global warming.

Russia does not dispute this development, but you have to look at each country and each region individually. Generic and automatic approaches to address the causes of conflict distract the Security Council from resolving these issues, the Russian ambassador repeated on Monday.

For Niger, whose text was co-sponsored – a rare occurrence at this level – by 113 of the 193 members of the General Assembly of theUnited Nations Organization, the Security Council must equip itself an integrated and coordinated approach, with a view to strengthening its capacity to understand the impact of climate change.

this based on an in-depth analysis of current and future risks, in order to formulate relevant action-oriented recommendations, had specified Mohamed Bazoum.

France also felt that there was a obvious link between global warming and security, while access to water, food scarcity or climate insecurity allow people to armed groups to thrive by taking advantage of the vulnerability of populations.

Antonio Guterres had also ruled that if climate change was not the source of all ills, it had a multiplier effect and (was) an aggravating factor of instability, conflict and terrorism.

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