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Russia-United States tensions: Gorbachev denounces American arrogance


It went to their heads, arrogance, self-righteousness, they proclaimed themselves winners in the cold war when we had together saved the world from confrontation, he blasted.

How can we hope for equitable relations with the United States, with the West in this situation?, judged Mr. Gorbachev, 90, at the RIA Novosti news agency, denouncing triumphalism from Washington.

According to him, the western camp wantedNATO“,” text “:” building a new empire, that’s where the idea of ​​NATO enlargement was born “}}”>to build a new empire, it was there that the idea of ​​the enlargement of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The enlargement of the Atlantic Alliance to include countries of the former Eastern bloc in the 1990s is, according to Vladimir Putin, the root cause of the Russo-Western crisis, because, for the Kremlin, theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization is the main threat to its strategic security.

The Russian president this month called on the United States and its allies to sign treaties prohibiting, in particular, any future enlargement of the Alliance as well as any military cooperation in what Russia considers its area of ​​influence.

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Washington, which considers many of these claims to be unacceptable, nevertheless agreed to talks in January to allow a de-escalation, with Westerners fearing that Moscow would launch an invasion of Ukraine, a former Soviet republic which aspires to join the United States.North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

This week, Mr. Putin ruled positive the first American reactions to Russian demands, but he also said he was preparing measures military and technical to respond to the western threat.

Mr Gorbachev hailed the talks scheduled for January.

I support them and I hope that there will be a result, which will allow all European countries to feel safe, he stressed.

Washington and the European Union accuse Moscow of having massed troops on Ukraine’s borders and threaten it with unprecedented economic sanctions in the event of aggression.

National trauma

Mikhail Gorbachev resigned from his post as chairman of theSoviet Union on December 25, 1991, marking the formal end of the Communist Empire. Days earlier, the leaders of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine unilaterally announced the end of the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Putin called the fall of theSoviet Union of the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century.

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For many Russians, the disappearance ofSoviet Union and the economic and social crisis that ravaged society remains a trauma. And Mr. Putin is seen as the leader who restored the country’s honor and power on the international stage.

A feeling of sadness is linked to this date. I did not know this period, because I was born in the 1990s, but my parents told me, it was great. Free education, a lot was free, said to theFrance Media Agency Svetlana Outkina, a 30-year-old secretary from Moscow.

Valentina Chmeleva, 84, a retired schoolteacher, doesn’t have enough harsh words for Mr Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, the Russian president who precipitated the downfall of theSoviet Union.

It was traitors who came to power, Gorbachev destroyed the Union and the drunkard Yeltsin helped him there, she blurted out.

L’Soviet Union collapsed, undermined by its internal contradictions, an economic and food crisis, the lack of resources, the independence aspirations of its republics and because of the arms race with the United States which emptied its coffers.

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