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Russian court orders jailing of opponent Navalny’s brother


This judgment was rendered in absentiathe authorities do not know where Oleg Navalny is, whom they suspect of having gone into exile abroad like many opposition activists.

In August 2021, Oleg Navalny, 38, was given a one-year suspended prison sentence for violating health standards related to the coronavirus, after calling on Russians to demonstrate for the release of his brother Alexei, imprisoned for more than a year. year.

Noting that he had not pointed to the prison services as required by his sentence, the court therefore decided on Friday to replace his suspended sentence with real imprisonmentexplained on Twitter his lawyer Nikos Paraskevov.

We would have lost his track in Cyprus

According to Russian news agencies, which quoted the president of the court on Friday, Oleg Navalny went to Cyprus in September and the authorities have no information that he has returned to Russia.

A warrant was issued last month for Oleg Navalny after police failed to find him at his home. His name has since appeared on the list of wanted persons published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

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The decision against Oleg Navalny is part of a context of relentless repression against any form of critical voice in Russia, with a particularly busy year 2021 from this point of view.

This was marked in particular by the imprisonment of Alexeï Navalny on his return from convalescence in Germany following poisoning which he attributes to the Kremlin, the dismantling of his movement, and the closure of the NGO Memorial , a pillar of civil society.

And 2022 is not to be outdone: on Tuesday, a new trial opened against Alexeï Navalny, who risks in this case up to 10 additional years in prison.

If the number one opponent of Vladimir Putin has been playing the leading roles for years, his brother Oleg has always actively supported him in the shadows.

He himself has already been in prison. In 2014, Oleg and Alexei were indeed convicted in a case of fraud having involved the French cosmetics company Yves Rocher and a company run by the two Navalny brothers.

If at the time the eldest was given a suspended sentence, Oleg was given a three and a half year prison sentence which he served in full, until his release in June 2018 .

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During his incarceration, Oleg made a name for himself by making dark tattoos on the prison world and political repressions, which he will present during an exhibition after his release and will draw himself on the bodies of supporters of the ‘opposition.

Alexei Navalny has always accused the Russian authorities of taking his brother into hostage in their desire to hinder his political ambitions.

After the imprisonment of Alexeï Navalny last year, it was up to Oleg to support him, which he did tirelessly, by calling in the media and on social networks to release him.

Oleg had also sworn never to to allow her children to live in a police state or people are sent to prison for standing up for the truth.

In this family dispute, the wife of Alexeï Navalny, Yulia Navalnaïa, who has supported him since the first hour and actively denounces his imprisonment, as well as their daughter, Daria, 21, who is studying in the United States, also occupy a place. important.

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