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Russian regulator tightens grip on social and news media | War in Ukraine


In particular, on Saturday he banned any reference to civilians killed by the Russian army in Ukraine as well as the terms “invasion”, “offensive” or “declaration of war”.

We emphasize that only official Russian sources have current and reliable informationRoskomnadzor said in a statement, while officially, Moscow calls its intervention in Ukraine a special military operation intended for maintain the peace.

This formal notice was sent to a series of media, most of them critical of Russian power, such as the newspaper Novaya Gazeta – whose editor-in-chief is the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 –, the online channel Dojd or the Mediazona site, which are already classified foreign agents in Russia.

According to the regulator, these media were guilty of disseminating false information claiming that Russian armed forces fire on Ukrainian cities. He also blames them for content where the operation carried out is qualified as an offensive, an invasion or a declaration of war.

In case of refusal to delete content, access to these media will be restrictedwarns Roskomnadzor, who also mentions heavy fines.

The Russian Ministry of Defense meanwhile called in a statement all the editorial staff of the media to be vigilant and not to become blind victims of the Western guardians responsible for organizing pressure in the information field against Russia.

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He denounced a blatant misinformation disseminated, according to him, by Ukraine on social networks, and orchestrated by Washington and theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Russia has given a considerable turn of the screw for a year to muzzle or hamper the work of independent media and opposition movements.

Social media targeted, some fight back

In parallel, the Russian communications gendarme said on Friday limit access and to slow down the functioning of Facebook, accusing the American social network of censoring Russian media and violating the rights of Russian people and citizens.

In accordance with the decision of the General Prosecutor with regard to the social network Facebook, from February 25, Roskomnadzor adopts measures to limit its accesssaid the Roskomnadzor agency, without specifying the nature of the limitations.

A few hours later, the Russian gendarme announced partially restrict access in the form of slowing down traffic of Facebook in Russia.

The Russian regulator accuses the American giant of having restricted the official accounts on its platform of the Russian channel Zvezda, linked to the Ministry of Defense, the public news agency Ria Novosti and the Russian online media Lenta.ru and Gazeta .ru.

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Roskomnadzor asked the administration of Meta [maison mère de Facebook] to lift the restrictions imposed by Facebook on Russian media and to explain the reason for their imposition. The requests were ignored by the owners of the social networkhe continued.

Twitter, for its part, said on Saturday that its services were limited for some people in Russia. We are working to maintain security and access to our services, can we read in a tweet from the platform. TurnedNews.com’s correspondent in Russia, Tamara Alteresco, managed to publish a tweet to this effect to warn the population of the situation.

Later on Saturday, YouTube blocked the monetization of several Russian channels, including state media RT, following in the footsteps of the company Meta.

Due to the exceptional circumstances in Ukraine […]we are suspending for a number of channels the possibility of monetizing on YouTubesaid the Google-operated video-sharing network of the Alphabet Group.

With information from Agence France-Presse and Reuters

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