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Russian troops pushed back even further from Kharkiv | War in Ukraine


The settlements of Cherkasy Tychky, Rusky Tychky, Rubizhne and Bayrak were liberatedhe announced Tuesday evening on Facebook. The enemy was pushed even further from Kharkiv, and the occupiers had even fewer opportunities to hit the regional center.

Our armed forces gave us all good news from the Kharkiv region. The occupiers are gradually pushed back from Kharkivalso argued Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video.

I am grateful to all of our fighters who hold their ground and show superhuman strength to drive out the invading army. »

A quote from Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine
Three men are busy around a howitzer.

Ukrainian fighters prepare to launch a mortar shell at Russian positions on Monday near Kharkiv.


Regional Governor Oleg Sinegoubov confirmed in a message on Telegram on Wednesday that Russian troops have been pushed back even further of the city, which gives them even fewer opportunities to shoot the regional center.

From fierce fighting are still underway in the region, however, he said, before warning his fellow citizens against a too hasty return. According to him, the Russian soldiers let deadly traps by withdrawing.

In an interview on Tuesday with New York Timesthe mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov, testified that the city is starting to come back to life, and that businesses are even starting to operate again.

For the first time since the beginning of the Russian invasion, we were able to live without being constantly bombarded for a second day in a row. »

A quote from Igor Terekhov, mayor of Kharkiv
A man wearing a jumpsuit stands in a field near dead Russian soldiers lying on the ground.

A Ukrainian man looks at the bodies of Russian soldiers killed in the village of Vilkhivka, near Kharkiv, which Ukrainian forces recaptured a few days ago.

Photo: The Canadian Press/AP/Felipe Dana

The northern and northeastern districts of Kharkiv, a city which had around 1.5 million inhabitants before the war, have been hit for weeks by Russian rockets and missiles, causing the death of many civilians.

At the end of February, the Russian army had tried to take the city, but in vain: the Ukrainian forces had resisted and had pushed them back a few kilometers away, at the cost of bitter fighting.

Our file War in Ukraine

L’Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an American think tank based in Washington, noted at the weekend that the Ukrainian army was making significant progress in the Kharkiv region and predicted that she will probably advance to the Russian border in the coming days or weeks.

The center said Tuesday evening that the Ukrainian counter-offensive was likely to force the Russian army to redeploy troops stationed in Izium to the Kharkiv region to prevent their brothers in arms from being pushed back towards the Russian border.

This risks diverting resources that were to be used for the offensive in the Donbass, noted theISW.

Towards an annexation of Kherson to Russia?

The authorities designated by Moscow to lead the occupied region of Kherson, in the south of Ukraine, announced on Wednesday that they will demand its annexation to Russia.

There will be a demand [adressée au président russe Vladimir Poutine] to integrate the Kherson region as a full subject of the Russian Federationtold the Russian agencies Kirill Stremoussov, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of Kherson.

All the legal basis […] will be ready before the end of the yearhe said, adding that since the international community had not recognized the 2014 referendum on Crimea’s union with Russia, the Kherson region will not hold a poll.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reacted to the idea of ​​annexation saying he will return residents of the Kherson region to decide whether an appeal should be made to the master of the Kremlin. This is a question that must be clearly and precisely analyzed by jurists.he added.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak reacted sarcastically: the occupiers can still request union, even with Mars or Jupiter, but the Ukrainian army will liberate Kherson.

People walk down a street holding a long banner in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

This screenshot from a live streamed social media event shows residents of Kherson demonstrating against the Russian invasion of Ukraine on March 13, 2022. Other such protests have taken place in the city from. Some were violently repressed.

Photo: via Reuters

The Kherson region is essential for supplying Crimea with water. Its conquest also makes it possible to constitute a land bridge linking Crimea, the pro-Russian separatist region of Donetsk, in the south-east of Ukraine, and Russian territory.

Its capture should also allow Moscow to launch an assault on the great port of Odessa, in the south-west of Ukraine, without success so far, as well as towards the north towards the cities of Zaporizhia and Dnipro. .

Fighting still opposes Russians and Ukrainians on the outskirts of the Kherson region, while, according to kyiv, Russia is still trying to advance towards the west and north.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, 45% of the 300,000 inhabitants of the city of Kherson have fled since the end of February, and around 20% of the population of the region, estimated at one million inhabitants.

With two million hectares of arable land, this region is also a significant part of Ukraine’s agricultural power. kyiv accused Russia of looting grain silos there, as elsewhere.

The Russian administration in Kherson also announced in recent days the imminent introduction of the Russian ruble in place of the Ukrainian hryvnia. Russian television channels have already replaced the Ukrainian ones there and Russian mobile networks are to be set up there.

With information from France Media Agency, Reuters, New York Times, and BBC

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