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Sandy Hook shootings: Arms maker Remington comes to terms with families


The plaintiffs in this action inform that an agreement in damages has been reached between the partiessays a court document released by the families of victims.

The deal is for $73 millionsaid family lawyer Joshua Koskoff at a press conference. It’s all that was left after the bankruptcy of the Remington group, created in 1816 and one of the oldest gunsmiths in the country.

The families of the victims had sued the gunsmith and its subsidiary Bushmaster, believing that he had knowingly sold a version of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, a military-style weapon not at all suitable for civilian use, according to the plaintiffs.

The weapon was used by Adam Lanza to kill 26 people, including 20 children, on December 14, 2012 at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut.

The 20-year-old shooter who committed suicide had previously killed his mother at her home.

The massacre had stunned American society and sparked yet another debate over personal gun control in the United States, where the right to own a gun is constitutionally guaranteed.

But AR-15 rifles have also been used in other shootings, such as in Las Vegas in 2017 (58 dead) or Parkland in Florida (17 dead) in 2018.

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We launched these lawsuits to hold accountablesaid Matthew Soto, whose sister Victoria was one of the teachers killed at Sandy Hook.

What we discovered is horrible. Arms manufacturers knew they were advertising a dangerous product and they were exploiting those dangershe added.

When the military is looking for the best, deadliest, most destructive weapon and the one that could be used by our soldiers if they were to kill the enemies of our country and our freedom, they choose the AR-15explained attorney Joshua Koskoff.

This weapon was not used by a highly trained soldier, but by a very disturbed youth, not on a battlefield, but in an elementary school, not to protect freedom, but to kill ithe added.

According to the lawyer, the families did not bring these lawsuits for the sole purpose of being compensated financially, but to force change among arms manufacturers.

What we are asking is: what can you do? How can you help solve the problem. Everyone else is trying, there have been millions, if not billions of dollars invested in school safetyhe pointed out.

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This agreement does not mean the end of the personal arms industry [qui] will always be part of our cultureasserted Mr. Koskoff, but it shows that this industry’s immunity is not bulletproof.

Since 2005, a law has protected arms manufacturers from most legal actions seeking to hold them responsible for a violent act committed with one of their weapons.

But there are exceptions, in particular for negligence of the seller, on which the families intended to play.

In March 2019, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that Remington could stand trial to determine whether its advertisements for its semi-automatic rifle were responsible for the mass casualty killings.

At the hearing in November 2017, Mr. Koskoff relied in particular on the marketing of Bushmaster, which, according to him, had presented in an advertisement his AR-15 type rifle as an assault weapon.

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