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Satellite ‘trains’ light up the sky in British Columbia


This is the case of Lois Godfrey who saw a line of light looming in the sky of Kitimat around 9:15 p.m. Tuesday during a walk with her spouse, or about forty satellites gathered one behind the other.

[Les satellites] looked like pearls dancing in the sky. You couldn’t miss them. »

A quote from Lois Godfrey

These craft are part of SpaceX’s Starlink network, which launches a constellation of satellites into low-altitude orbit to provide low-cost, high-speed, near-instant internet service on a planet-wide scale.

Since 2019, SpaceX has launched more than 3,000 satellites to an altitude of 550 km.

During the first two years of the project, they were observed in the eastern part of the country, such as in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick.

Recently, the satellites appeared in the sky over northern British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

However, the president of the Prince George Astronomical Society, Malhar Kendurkar, wonders if these bright objects will prevent astronomers from seeing near-Earth objects, such as asteroids or other celestial objects, which can pose a risk if they crash into the planet.

Even if the risk is low, he recalls that in 2013, a meteorite injured more than 1,000 people when it exploded over Western Siberia.

The International Astronomical Union raised the same concern in 2019.

Based on information from Winston Szeton

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