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Schools and daycares: Quebec’s public health changes approach | Coronavirus


The recommendation document for children under 12, dated January 10, obtained by TurnedNews.com, specifies that a symptomatic child, considered positive, or an asymptomatic child in contact with a case at home will have to isolate himself. 5 days and undergo a self-test on day 5 to be able to return.

Children under 12 should have had no fever for 24 hours and symptoms should have decreased. And if the result of the self-test is positive, the isolation will have to be extended for another 5 days.

The 10-day isolation period in childcare centers and other daycare services has therefore ended. As for the obligation of a negative self-test result to return to class, this is new at school.

These conditions are valid whatever the vaccination status of the child, specifies the recommendation of the public health of Quebec.

Wearing a mask is not required at the daycare. On the other hand, the elementary school student returning from his isolation period must wear the mask continuously for 5 days and distance himself as much as possible.

For symptomatic staff or staff in contact with a case at home, the 5-day isolation applies, with two exceptions:

  • no negative self-test required after 5 days;
  • unvaccinated adults should self-isolate for 10 days.

Remember that public health considers a person with symptoms of COVID-19 as positive, even if they do not have a test result that can confirm it.

Contact cases, at home only

Public health will not impose isolation on students and school staff for contact cases occurring in a group or at work. Only cases of contact at home or with a sexual partner will result in an isolation period of 5 days.

Children under the age of 12 will need to test negative for their self-test, but adults will not.

As for the symptomatic, considered positive, the staff and the students of the elementary school will have to keep the mask for 5 days and to distance themselves from the others, but not the children of daycare centers.

Unvaccinated staff can isolate themselves for 5 days if they are in contact at home or with a sexual partner.

Public health justifies its new recommendations

To justify these new recommendations, public health explains in particular having discussed with medical experts and having conducted a review of recent scientific literature on the Omicron variant.

It is specified in the document that have been taken into account the low likelihood of complications in infected children, increased immunization coverage among primary school children, in the same way the cumulative negative impacts of children’s isolation on their learning, development and personal safety.

The Ministry of Education has also announced that it will distribute rapid tests in the coming days in elementary schools and daycares.

Opening of schools Monday?

The document does not mention the date of return to school. The new national director of public health, Luc Boileau, is due to make his recommendation on this subject shortly. Prime Minister François Legault made it clear in his presence on Tuesday that his priority is a reopening of schools, as planned, on January 17th. An announcement is expected to be made on Thursday.

Day care centers are already open. The new directive is due to be sent to the network on Wednesday. Of the 95 new outbreaks reported this week in Quebec, 25 occurred in child care.

The evolution of COVID-19 from hour to hour.
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