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Scientists in Japan Create Chopsticks to Amplify Salty Taste


Eat salty without over-salting. This is what scientists from Japan want to do, who have created chopsticks that would increase the sensation of salty taste using a weak electric current, and therefore without having to take out the salt shaker.

This invention is intended for people who wish to reduce the amount of sodium they ingest without sacrificing the taste of food.

It is a joint venture between Japanese beverage giant Kirin and Professor Homei Miyashita of Meiji University. The latter is also behind the idea of ​​the licking TV screen that mimics the flavors of food.

How it works? The chopsticks are connected to a small computer that is worn on the wrist. The latter emits a weak electric current to transmit sodium ions from the food to the mouth, which stimulate the taste buds and give the salty taste.

%”,”text”:”Thus, we can amplify the salty taste by 50%”}}”>Thus, we can amplify the salty taste by 50%Professor Miyashita told Reuters.

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In Japan, the average person consumes around 10 g of salt per day, which is twice the maximum intake recommended by the World Health Organization to reduce the risk of health problems linked to excess sodium.

Professor Miyashita and Kirin are still fine-tuning their prototype and hope to be able to market their wands next year.

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