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Scottish separatists outraged by Liz Truss comments


In one of 12 debates scheduled in the campaign to succeed Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, seen as the favourite, ran as a union child.

I truly believe that we are a family and that we are better together and I think the best thing to do with Nicola Sturgeon is to ignore himsaid Liz Truss, applauded by party members in Exeter, in the south-west of England.

She’s trying to get attentionshe continued, believing that it is necessary show people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales that we stand by them and that our policies apply across the UK.

When asked about a new independence referendum, Liz Truss repeated the word three times Nope.

On the BBCScottish Deputy First Minister John Swinney ruled completely and absolutely unacceptable comments from Liz Truss. The Scots will be absolutely horrified by the harmful words of the candidate.

Nicola Sturgeon has far more democratic legitimacy than Liz Truss will have if she becomes prime ministerhe said on Tuesday morning, referring to the fact that only Conservative Party members – estimated at nearly 200,000 people – will take part in the vote, representing only a small fraction of the electorate.

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The deputy SNP Chris Law meanwhile denounced the total disregard of the future prime minister.

For his part, the opponent of Liz Truss in the race for Downing Street, Rishi Sunak, highlighted the support of 10 elected Scottish Conservatives. Keeping the UK together means confronting nationalism and beating them at the ballot boxtweeted the ex-finance minister, who seems to be reducing his delay.

Towards a new referendum

Despite the repeated refusal of the British government, Nicola Sturgeon intends to organize a new referendum on Scottish independence on October 19, 2023.

Anticipating a legal showdown with the central government, the independence leader took the lead and seized the Supreme Court, to determine whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to legislate to organize this referendum without the agreement of the British government. . The hearing is scheduled for October 11 and 12.

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The Scots had already been consulted on the subject in 2014 and had voted 55% to remain within the United Kingdom.

the SNP believes, however, that Brexit, against which the Scots voted 62% in 2016, has changed the situation. The objective of SNP is for Scotland to join the European Union as an independent state.

Members of the British Conservative Party have until September 2 to vote by post to appoint the successor to Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation almost a month ago after a succession of scandals. The announcement of the result is expected on September 5.

According to Times, a private poll puts Liz Truss only five points ahead, where a YouGov poll at the end of the selection of the two finalists gave her a 24-point lead. The head of diplomacy has received in recent days a series of support from figures in her party as well as from the Daily Telegrapha daily influential with the conservative electorate.

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