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Search at Donald Trump: American justice will make the warrant public


During a very short speech, in the middle of the afternoon, Mr. Garland recalled that he was in public interest to make these documents accessible to all.

The Attorney General also made a point of returning to the vitriolic criticism leveled at the United States Department of Justice which, according to him, is unfounded. He also took the opportunity to recall the importance of the role of the FBI.

No comment was made on the results of the search which took place on Monday. However, Mr. Garland clarified that the decision for this operation had been approved beforehand by a federal judge as well as by himself. I personally approved the searchhe said, adding that the department does not take this kind of decision lightly.

The department will release additional information regarding the search at the appropriate time.

Earlier this week, the famous Florida residence of former US President Donald Trump was raided by federal police.

Donald Trump then declared, in a press release, to be the victim of a political persecution and described this search as Not necessary and D’inappropriate.

Reasons still unknown

The reasons for this search remain unclear for the moment, but according to the American media, they are linked to archive boxes containing documents that Donald Trump would have taken when he left Washington in January 2021.

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In February, the ex-president had to return 15 boxes to the National Archives, which ensured that he had never had the right to leave with these documents.

In these boxes, there were letters from Barack Obama and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a map of the United States which had been the subject of stormy exchanges with the American weather service, but also, according to the washington postseveral documents marked top secret.

Last spring, Donald Trump allegedly received a search warrant for documents that were still missing and that were not reported at the same time as the 15 boxes, reports the New York Times.

These clues can therefore suggest that the search would be linked to this story.

A long list of surveys

Never has a former tenant of the White House been in the crosshairs of justice in this way.

Several investigations are underway in the United States against the loser of the 2020 presidential election who continues, almost two years later, to raise money by evoking his false theory of the stolen election, ” the Big Lie (the big lie).

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On Wednesday, Mr. Trump was questioned for several hours in Manhattan in the offices of the highest magistrate of the State of New York, Letitia James, who has been investigating in civil since 2019 on suspicion of financial and tax fraud within the family group. Trump Organization.

According to washington postwhich also relies on an anonymous source given the confidentiality of the hearing under oath, Donald Trump has refused more than 400 times to answer questions about his businesses, the valuation of his assets and his debt, under of the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.

And among the other investigations that are running their course are that of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, that of Georgia’s election results and others of suspicion of malfeasance in the circle of leaders of the Trump Organization who manages luxury real estate.

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