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Sega bets on the rebirth of Sonic, its famous blue hedgehog


This year, the hero will be entitled to his second film produced by Paramount Pictures, sonic the hedgehog 2as well as a new TV series streaming on Netflix.

By 2020, the character’s self-titled debut had been a huge commercial success, grossing over US$300 million (C$380 million) and becoming one of the highest-grossing video game film adaptations in history. .

Sega is now hoping that a new game, due in 2022, will revive the series for good after many lean years for its video games.

Sonic is the face of Sega. If Sonic is doing well, then Sega is doing relatively well tooShuji Utsumi, co-chief operating officer of the Japanese giant, told Reuters.

The Ups and Downs of Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog became a familiar character in the West thanks to a series of two-dimensional games on the Sega Genesis console in the 1990s.

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Sonic was cool, with humor and an attitude that resonated with people in the Westsays Mr. Utsumi, who worked at Sony when the company launched the first PlayStation.

Other iconic Sega games, like Yakuza and personashave never been so successful outside of Japan.

However, unlike Nintendo’s character Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog struggled to make the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional games.

After several years of trial and error on Sega’s part, the series still has a large number of loyal followers in North America and Europe.

I undeniably have a nostalgic love for Sonicsays Briton Jacob Mills, 31, who systematically plays new Sonic the Hedgehog games, even if he admits to being often disappointed.

In 2017, Sega delighted gamers by releasing the game sonic maniaa retro platform game that was first developed by an amateur team before being taken over by the Japanese company.

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Blue Hedgehog enthusiasts now have their eyes on Sonic Frontiers, an open-world platformer slated for release this year. This is a new format for the series.

Sega, which has revealed almost nothing of the title, has already delayed its release for a year.

Some players are now wary of the sonic cycleas they put it, where the excitement preceding the release of a new game quickly gives way to disappointment when it hits the market.

The various games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series have been purchased or downloaded 1.38 billion times worldwide.

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