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Seven CES 2022 announcements worth checking out


1- Samsung’s Eco Remote

Samsung wowed the gallery at CES by notably presenting a remote control that is automatically rechargeable using a router connected to the Internet.

The device collects the radio waves emitted by the router to convert them into energy. The remote control can also be charged with the energy of light, whether outdoors or indoors. If the battery does drop anyway, owners can still plug it in with the built-in USB-C plug.

The company’s goal is to eliminate batteries, which have a high ecological footprint. The launch of the Eco Remote is scheduled for 2022.

2- L’Oréal Colorsonic

Making hair coloring at home easier is L’Oréal’s goal, which never misses an opportunity to use technology to innovate.

With Colorsonic, the cosmetics company offers a gadget that you use like a hairbrush, but which, using cartridges, additionally dispenses and applies the right amount of dye to the head. The bristles of the device oscillate more than 300 times per minute at a precise angle to spread the mixture evenly over the hair.

The device is the result of several years of work, according to Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal’s technology incubator, who has already tested Colorsonic with some 400 people.

The product, which promises to be affordable, according to L’Oréal, will be launched in early 2023.

3- BMW E Ink

A car that changes color according to your mood is not science fiction. The automaker BMW has developed a paint that changes from white to black or gray when a button is pressed.

E Ink is a technology that uses electronic ink. This contains millions of microcapsules the diameter of a human hair containing black and white pigments, in positive or negative charge. An electric field stimulates these microcapsules to give the desired color to the body of the car.

The commercialization of this electronic paint is not in the works for the moment, since it is still a research project.

4- Razer’s Zephyr Pro goggle

The company specializing in accessories for video game enthusiasts had made Internet users dream at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show with its N95 smart mask named Project Hazel.

At the event, Razer had promised a waterproof and rechargeable mask, complete with a ventilation system, a voice amplifier and a sterilization device.

The craze had been such that Razer had decided to market it during the year, but it had a few hiccups and had to put aside the idea of ​​the voice amplifier, which added a significant amount of extra weight. to drain the battery.

His new Zephyr Pro mask therefore promises an improved version of Project Hazel, which was renamed Zephyr during the year 2021. Among the novelties, we especially count the addition of said voice amplifier.

The mask isn’t for all wallets, however, with the company planning to itemize it at $ 190, unlike $ 130 for the original version. The launch is scheduled for the year 2022.

5- The PlayStation VR2 console

In addition to unveiling new images for the film Uncharted, based on the homonymous video game series, Sony also announced the name of its next virtual reality headset at CES 2022: the PlayStation VR2.

The giant has not revealed many details about its device, other than that it will be equipped with 3D audio, a 4K quality image, an eyeliner and haptic feedback technology. It is also known that the headset must be connected by a USB-C cable to a PlayStation 5 console in order to work.

Sony took advantage of this announcement to unveil the first video game exclusive to the PlayStation VR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain, the sequel to the eagerly awaited Horizon Forbidden West, scheduled for release in February 2022.

The company did not specify a release date for the headset or the exclusive game.

6- Zenbook 17 Fold OLED from Asus

After Samsung, Lenovo and many others, it is the turn of the computer company Asus to embark on foldable screens with the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED computer.

The 17.3-inch screen can therefore be folded 90 degrees if you want to use it as a computer, or even unfolded flat to act as a tablet. Asus provides a keyboard with the device.

Asus’ Zenboook 17 Fold OLED will be launched in the year 2022, and its price remains unknown at this time.

7- Owo’s haptic jacket

How do we make the metaverse even more immersive? By transposing the sensations of the real world, such as touch, in this parallel virtual universe, according to the Spanish company Owo.

The latter has designed a tight-fitting jacket that has bands that stick to the skin and sensors linked to a mobile application. Before putting on a virtual reality (VR, or VR, in english, for Virtual Reality), the user can choose the intensity of each sensation, ranging from insect bites to blood flowing from a gunshot wound.

The garment, which will be marketed for less than $ 575 at the end of the year, recalls the novel Ready Player One, where humanity lives, plays and studies in a parallel virtual society thanks to haptic devices.

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