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Seventh wave of COVID peaks, says Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer | Coronavirus: Ontario


Dr. Kieran Moore explained that key indicators, including the number of hospital admissions and indications collected through sewage analysis, are down.

According to Public Health Ontario, infection rates declined in 22 of 34 regions during the week ending July 30.

The positivity rate was down slightly from the previous week. Hospitalizations were also down, from 463 to 306.

Also this last week of July, there were 46 deaths, compared to 75 the previous week.

Dr. Moore predicts that the risks of infection and the impact on the health care system will continue to subside during the month of August.

He also believes that a fall wave of COVID-19 may not be as severe as he predicted a few months ago for the following reasons: many people have been infected with the Omicron variant, rates vaccination rates are high and no new worrying variants have yet appeared.

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There is always a risk of being re-infected with the Omicron variant, recognizes the doctor. He points out, however, that people who have been infected and who are vaccinated are better protected than those who are not.

A woman receives a vaccine.

For the past few weeks in Ontario, vaccination and access to a fourth dose have been extended.

Photo: Associated Press / Anupam Nath

Ontarians between the ages of 18 and 60 are eligible for a second booster shot for three weeks. Just under 16% of Ontario adults have received it so far, according to Dr. Moore.

Among the particularly vulnerable age group of 80 and over, 61% received a fourth dose, says the chief medical officer.

Children under five can also be vaccinated for a week.

About 9,000 have received a first vaccine, representing about 1% of Ontario children this age. It was planned that in August there would not be many, because the parents are on vacation and do not have time, assures Kieran Moore. He believes those numbers will increase as the fall rolls around.

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