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Sexuality seeps into Roblox


The Roblox platform, launched in 2006, relies on user-generated content, public mini-games that can be played by others. Young people, but also other users, meet there to communicate together in real time. We often associate the platform with the metaverse, this parallel digital world in which we can experience another reality.

This creative freedom offered by Roblox also leaves room for certain excesses, while sexual minigames, commonly called condos on Roblox, populate the platform. However, we do not come across them by chance. You have to actively seek them out to find them.

In these spaces, avatars talk about sexuality, are naked, or even have virtual sex, ignoring the site’s community rules.

The problem is mainly based on the fact that children and adults can interact, by messaging for example, on this kind of subject.

A problem recognized by Roblox

This adult content generated by Internet users is removed from the platform, often in less than an hour, according to Roblox, which, requested by the BBC, recognizes the problem.

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The company says manual and automated systems work tirelessly to take these games offline, scanning the platform for images, videos and audio files that may be inappropriate. However, these systems are not infallible.

Roblox published a blog postHave (New window)Have at the beginning of February which talks about his actions to protect and support his community. It relies, among other things, on a permanent international moderation team, made up of thousands of people.

In 2021, we implemented several new machine learning systems and significantly increased the number of moderation team members who check Roblox for inappropriate content.can we read on the blog of the platform.

In 2021, we saw an 84% reduction in the number of users exposed to experiences that violate our policies. »

A quote from Excerpt from Roblox blog post

It also specifies that Internet users cannot send videos or photos to each other through the site, and that the messaging services are filtered in order to block the sharing of inappropriate words, personal information or off-platform links.

The Roblox website also points to parental control toolsHave (New window)Have that can be used to restrict who children can interact with, or even playtime.

Roblox asks for the collaboration of Internet users to report any misconduct or inappropriate contentHave (New window)Have on his site.

Securing the metaverse

Metaverse artisans and artisans have their work cut out to make their platforms safe for their customers.

A few weeks ago, Meta, formerly the Facebook group, added a personal limit feature to the Horizon Venues app, a virtual reality dating spot. Avatars therefore cannot enter a person’s bubble when the tool is activated. This was a response to a complaint from someone saying they had suffered a virtual sexual assault there.

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