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Shipwrecked trawler: Spanish families demand the resumption of research


disappeared. It is a huge tragedy. Please resume searching now”,”text”:”There are 12missing. It is a huge tragedy. Please resume searching now”}}”>There are 12 missing. It is a huge tragedy. Please resume searching nowbegged Maria Jose del Pozo, whose father is missing, during a rally at the port of Marin, in Galicia (north-west of the country), where the trawler was based.

Several hundred supporters demonstrated with the families of the victims. Some parents held up photos of their missing loved ones, while others wept behind their COVID masks.

Twenty-four sailors were on board the Pitanxo Villa when it sank 450 km off the coast of Canada on Tuesday, the worst tragedy in Spanish fishing for almost 40 years.

Out of sixteen Spaniards, five Peruvians and three Ghanaians, only three of them (two Spaniards and one Ghanaian) could be rescued, and nine bodies were recovered.

Given the freezing water temperature and rough seas, there is virtually no chance of finding the missing sailors alive, but their relatives are calling for the search to resume so that their bodies can be recovered and buried.

Canadian rescuers had stopped the search Wednesday evening at 8 p.m., after an operation qualified ascomprehensive of 36 hours in harsh weather conditions, during which they combed 900 square nautical miles (about 3000 km2).

We are not asking for anything extraordinary. Who in the world thinks 36 hours is enough? »

A quote from Christopher Gonzalez, whose father is among the missing

Protesters lined up to sign a petition calling for the search to resume. In the country, it has so far collected nearly 70,000 signatures.

The head of Spanish diplomacy, Jose Manuel Albares, had asked his Canadian counterpart, Mélanie Joly, on Friday that the search resume when the weather is calmer.

A Spanish Air Force plane flew to Canada on Sunday to repatriate the three survivors and five of the bodies, the government said in a statement.

The other four bodies found will be repatriated to Peru, he added.

The plane is due to return to Spain on Monday, the official day of mourning.

The three survivors, found in a hypothermic lifeboat, have so far largely remained silent.

How do you think we are? Put yourself in my placeone of them, the captain of the ship Juan Padin, told the Spanish newspaper ABC from a Canadian hotel. When I’m in Spain I’ll talk to the familieshe added.

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