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Should we be worried about the deadly super fungus Candida auris?


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Should we be worried about the deadly super fungus candida auris?

Computer illustration of single-celled fungus consisting of branches with buds on them.

“Candida auris” is a microscopic fungus. PHOTO: getty images/science photo libra / KATERYNA KON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRA

A potentially deadly fungus has caused a first outbreak in Quebec. The Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil has been on the lookout since two positive cases of infection with candida auris were detected in two patients admitted to the facility. In interview at All one morningDr. Julie Okapuu, microbiologist-infectiologist in infection prevention and control at the hospital, explains the mode of transmission of this super-fungus.

Dr. Okappu points out that candida auris, a yeast, is difficult to treat because it is resistant to antifungal treatments, hence its name super-mushroom. She also points out that the two patients who tested positive at the hospital were carriers of the fungus and that carriers generally do not show symptoms.

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Immunosuppressed patients with medical conditions are more prone to infectionshe points out.

The doctor says that disinfection with chlorine works well to get rid of the microscopic fungus. An investigation is underway to find out more about the origin of the contamination of the two patients.

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