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Snapchat is testing a paid subscription service


Named Snapchat Plus, this subscription will allow access to certain features in development before the rest of the public as well as certain exclusive options, with the aim of allowing Snapchat tolearn more about how [desservir sa] community

The news was confirmed to The Verge (New window) by Snapchat spokeswoman Liz Markman, but it was first reported on Twitter by social media whistleblower Alessandro Paluzzi. The latter also unveiled some of the exclusive features reserved for people who subscribe to Snapchat Plus.

It includes the option to pin a conversation, which will identify it as a conversation with his best friend or his best friend. The ability to customize the app icon displayed on a device’s home screen will also be offered, as will the option to view the movement history of contacts who have activated geolocation during the last day.

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Snapchat, however, hasn’t officially confirmed that these features will be part of the initial subscription plan, which doesn’t yet have an expected launch date.

A imitation of Twitter

Snapchat isn’t the first social network to get into subscriptions. Last year, Twitter unveiled Twitter Blue, which notably allows you to preview a tweet and gather threads of tweets in order to read them in a single text.

For its part, Telegram had already announced that a subscription service called Telegram Premium would be launched later in 2022.

These services allow social networks to increase their profits, which decrease annually due to restrictions and tools put in place by telephone providers to eliminate advertisements appearing in applications.

Snapchat had also blamed Apple last October for its historic drop in revenue, which the social network attributed to the new advertising processing functionality of phones produced by the American giant.

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