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SNK’s Fatal Fury Game Series Returning 23 Years Later


Japanese video game company SNK has announced at the major annual fighting game competition EVO2022 that it is working on a new game in its popular Fatal Fury series.

The newest title in the fighting game series, Garou: Mark of the Wolveswas released in November 1999.

Although very few details have been released, the announcement hints that the new title’s story will pick up where SNK left off nearly 23 years earlier. SNK indeed used the word “ sequel (continued) in a tweet announcing the game, along with an image from the trailer, featuring Rock Howard, the latest game’s protagonist.

Although no titles have been added to the Fatal Fury series since 1999, its main characters, such as Terry Bogard and Geese Howard, have not been completely absent from the gaming landscape in recent years.

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In particular, they can be found in certain fighting games featuring characters from several series such as SNK’s The King of Fighters and Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo.

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