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Solutions to help people with compulsive hoarding disorder


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Solutions to help people with compulsive hoarding disorder

Mountains of objects in a basement.

Pierre Rondeau and Anne-Julie Roy are coordinators of CATAC, Action Committee on Compulsive Hoarding Disorder
PHOTO: gettyimages/istockphoto/trekandshoot

What if someone close to you has hoarding disorder? This is the question answered by retired general practitioner in mental health Pierre Rondeau and the director of external services at La Maison grise in Montreal, Anne-Julie Roy. In any case, according to them, a non-judgmental attitude is preferable to other behaviors when we want to make an intervention, to avoid that the person in question feels shame or distress.

Pierre Rondeau explains what makes hoarding disorder different from Diogenes syndrome, and why people tend to think it’s the same thing.

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The two specialists in the matter, who are also coordinators of the Compulsive Hoarding Disorder Action Committee (CATAC), recommend not emptying the apartment of a person with compulsive hoarding disorder against their will. Anne-Julie Roy explains why this action should be avoided, even if it seems to solve everything in the short term.

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