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South Africa feels ‘punished’ for detecting Omicron | Coronavirus


The government believes it has nothing to be ashamed of and denounces its stigma for announcing bad news, like a multitude of South African Internet users as indignant as they are worried.

Latest round of travel bans punishes South Africa for advanced genomic sequencing and ability to detect new variants faster, estimates the government Saturday, two days after the announcement of this discovery, called Omicron by the WHO.

Scientific excellence must be applauded, not punished

A quote from Extract from the government press release

New variants have been detected in other countries. Each of these cases has no recent connection to southern Africa. It should be noted that the reaction towards these countries is radically different from that of the cases in southern Africa., still regrets the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release.

He also recalls that the WHO has asked leaders around the world not to react on impulse in order to favor a scientific, risk-based approach and that the South African government lines up obviously on this position.

The government denounces the closure of the borders

From Friday evening, the day after the revelation of this new variant during a press conference of scientists under his leadership, the Minister of Health denounced the Pavlovian reaction and draconian many countries that immediately closed their borders even before knowing more about its dangerousness.

Some leaders are looking for scapegoats to solve a problem that is global, denounced Joe Phaahla, evoking a reaction of panic.

Pretoria fears the impact of these closures on families, the travel and tourism industry, businesses. But also that they dissuade other countries from reporting the discovery of future variants for fear of finding themselves sanctioned.

We are sometimes punished for being transparent and doing things quickly.

A quote from Tulio de Oliveira, star of South African virology

According to the Brazilian researcher based in the Zulu country, travel bans have not scientifically not much sense in the fight against COVID-19. Washington had imposed a similar ban on China at the start of the pandemic, before ending up with the highest number of infections, he recalls.

The government also pleads that South Africa has many assets against the pandemic: its ability to test, the application of health protocols, particularly in terms of transport. Its vaccination level also at 23.8% against 54% of the world population, it is little, but significantly more than in the rest of Africa.

These elements, supported by a world-class scientific community, should reassure our global partners that we are doing as well as they are in managing the pandemic, argues Pretoria again.

And for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Naledi Pandor, if she respect the right of countries to protect their citizens as they see fit, she also recalls that this pandemic requires collaboration and sharing of expertise.

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