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South Africa: the army deploys 10,000 soldiers after the floods


The country was affected for a week by heavy rains which led to floods and deadly landslides.

Most of the victims were recorded in the region of Durban, a port city of 3.5 million inhabitants in KwaZulu-Natal open to the Indian Ocean. Some 63 people are still missing.

Nearly 4,000 houses were destroyed by the weather, more than 13,500 damaged. Many hospitals and more than 550 schools have been affected, and areas still remain inaccessible due to cut roads and bridges.

The South African army has been ordered to activate 10,000 troops in Operation Chariot [en soutien] to the disaster management effort. »

A quote from Excerpt from an army statement

The soldiers will intervene both in the search and rescue of victims, as well as in clean-up operations and the transport of equipment and humanitarian aid.

Army plumbers and electricians will intervene in areas without water and electricity for a week. The army also plans to distribute drinking water and set up water purification systems.

  Women affected by floods in South Africa.

Disaster women observe flood damage in the KwaNdengezi township area near Durban.

Photo: Getty Images / PHILL MAGAKOE

Tents will also be set up to provide emergency accommodation for those who are homeless.

The army will notably provide air support. Troops with helicopters have already been present in recent days alongside police and rescue workers during emergency rescue operations.

Medical support may also be deployed with the provision of ambulances and additional medical personnel.

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