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Soyuz launcher takes off from French Guiana into space


The firing window was used despite the pouring rain that has been falling on this French territory in South America for several days. Originally scheduled for December 1, firing had been postponed twice for meteorological reasons and once due to the unavailability of a telemetry station, according to the CSG.

On board this Soyuz, the only one launched from Guyana during the year 2021, are two satellites of the European navigation system Galileo, capable of giving positions of the order of one meter. Once dropped, they will increase their number in space to 28.

Among the satellites already in place, 14 were transported by the Russian launcher between 2011 and 2016, and 12 by Ariane 5 between 2016 and 2018. Ultimately, the constellation will include 30 satellites and will have cost some 11.6 billion dollars to Europe.

From 2024, new generation Galileo satellites will be launched to continue to compete with the American GPS system.

This shot is also loaded with symbolism, since the year 2021 corresponds to the tenth anniversary of Soyuz’s presence in Guyana.

Since 2011, the year of the first launch (which had also been postponed), 26 launchers of this type have taken off from Sinnamary, a town near Kourou, where the launch pad reserved for Soyuz is installed.

On December 22, an Ariane 5 rocket will also take off from the CSG and take the James Webb telescope to the cosmos, from where it will provide scientists with information on the formation of the universe.

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