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Square Enix Announces Resuming Sale of Final Fantasy XIV Game


The Square Enix studio, which publishes the game, had taken drastic measures in mid-December to appease the servers of FFXIV. The systems were overloaded by a monster enthusiasm of the community of players and players since the release of the extension Endwalker at the beginning of December 2021.

Fans of the game sometimes had to wait for hours in a queue before being able to connect to the server and start an online game.

The company had therefore suspended the sale of the title, in addition to giving priority to people with an active subscription. It also announced the end of free trials and closed access to non-paying players during peak hours.

Now, people who have been wanting to get their hands on the game for a month now have a date to put on their calendar: the digital sale of FFXIV will resume on January 25.

Short and long term solutions

The publisher explains that Internet users have been able to progress in the content, allowing the servers to balance out.

Although the game’s stability is sufficient to resume sales, according to Square Enix, free trials remain suspended for the time being.

As some worlds continue to experience peak hour congestion, our plan to fundamentally fix the problem is beginning to take shape., said Naoki Yoshida in a blog post.

The game director also mentioned in his message that existing data centers will be expanded this summer, which could help alleviate server congestion.

We believe this server expansion is an important step in providing players with the best possible gaming experience in FFXIV. »

A quote from Naoki Yoshida

Square Enix had however indicated that it had not been able to deploy more servers for the release of the extension Endwalker in December due to the worldwide shortage of microchips, which is still relevant.

The first phase of expansion is scheduled for August 2022 for data centers in North America.

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