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Square Enix suspends sale of Final Fantasy XIV over popularity


From the release of the extension Endwalker last November, fans of the game Final Fantasy XIV Sometimes have to wait in a queue for hours before they can access a server that can start a game.

Square Enix studio explained in a blog post that the very dense concentration of playing hours far exceeds the capacities of its servers, especially during peak hours.

The developer had previously indicated in early December that he had not been able to add additional servers to decongest traffic before the expansion was released. Endwalker, another consequence of the shortage of microchips affecting the technology industries.

The game phased out of shelves

The suspension concerns the sale and delivery of physical and digital games Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition and Complete Edition.

Square Enix is ​​still coordinating with its various retailers and partners to remove the title from the shelves. The game is, for the moment, still available for purchase online, as in stores.

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In order to apologize, Square Enix and the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV have offered since the beginning of December three additional weeks of online access to players who own the full version of the game and have an active subscription.

The company said it would prioritize these people online. In this sense, it also announced the end of free trial subscriptions, and closed access to these players during peak hours.

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