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Still a few days before the return online of the Quebec government sites


As many as 3,992 government sites were shut down on Sunday after the government was told of a security breach that left its sites vulnerable to a computer attack.

We are making progress in the work of researching and upgrading security, said Minister Cairo in an interview with RDI. For the most part, government-critical sites have been verified, validated, secured and, for the most part, are brought back online.

The minister did not specify which are these critical sites nor those which are still not accessible to Internet users.

Mr. Cairo agreed that it will take still a few days, most certainly so that the hundreds of computer scientists who are hard at work doing the necessary checks have done their work.

For me, what is important is not so much to put pressure on the teams to put the sites back online, since the services are still available in another way., summarized Mr. Cairo.

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When access to these sites is restored, the most important thing, he argued, will be to ensure that there are no complications, that the flaw will be corrected, and therefore that we will not be the victim of negligence because we went too quickly, and that we did not take all the measures to ensure the protection of the personal information of Quebecers.

Yes, there are still sites that are not brought back online, because we are working to correct the security vulnerabilities. It’s boring, added Éric Caire. But I think it’s better to do it that way than to risk an attacker taking advantage of this vulnerability to cause much greater damage.

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