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Still no Taliban agreement on Kabul airport, according to Ankara


We have reached an agreement with Qatar to jointly manage the Kabul airport, but contrary to some press reports, we do not have an agreement with the Taliban. This is not true, there is no such agreement at this stage.

A quote from Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ankara sent experts to Doha last week to discuss this issue, which has been on hold since the Afghan fundamentalists came to power in Kabul in mid-August, according to the minister.

On this occasion, two Turkish and Qatari companies signed a memorandum of understanding concerning their cooperation at five airports in Afghanistan, not just Kabul had indicated the Turkish minister without detailing which airlines it was.

On the basis of this agreement, the Turkish government presented joint proposals to the interim government of Afghanistan.

The management of Kabul airport was discussed with the Qatari authorities during the official visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on December 6 in Doha.

Mr. Cavusoglu also spoke on Monday of the possible role of the United Arab Emirates, whose Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyane, known as MBZ, was welcomed in late November in Ankara.

We discussed the issue with the United Arab Emirates on the sidelines of the prince’s visit. They suggested trilateral management of the airport without putting forward concrete proposals. We didn’t either, but the question was raised, specified the minister.

Turkey, a member of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization, had initially been approached to operate the international airport of Kabul after the departure of the American forces, but without imagining that the Taliban would take control of the country so quickly after 20 years of Western presence.

Securing Kabul airport is essential for the country’s supplies, especially emergency humanitarian aid.

Women against criminal machine taliban

Demonstration of women in Kabul.

Afghan women during a demonstration to call for an end to the extrajudicial killings of former former regime officials in Kabul.

Photo: Getty Images / MOHD RASFAN

In addition, a few dozen Afghan women demonstrated in Kabul on Tuesday to demand respect for their rights and the end of murders Taliban targeting members of the former regime, before being quickly interrupted by Islamist fighters.

The thirty or so young women, gathered near a large mosque in the center of the Afghan capital, were able to parade for a few hundred meters to the cries of Justice before being stopped.

The Taliban briefly detained several journalists covering the protest and confiscated their cameras and cameras, only returning them after having the footage erased.

I ask the world: tell the Taliban to stop the killings, told theFrance Media Agency one of the demonstrators, Nayera Koahistani. We want freedom, we want justice.

For the thousandth time, we want this group to stop their criminal machine. Former members of the military and government employees are directly threatened, said another, Laila Basam.

The slogan disseminated via social networks called for protest against mysterious murders of young people, especially the country’s former military.

According to the United Nations and the NGOs Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, there are credible allegations of the summary execution or enforced disappearance of more than 100 former police and intelligence agents since the Taliban took power, mid August.

Another rally of women demanding respect for their right to education and work was held simultaneously in Kabul.

Protests are mostly banned by the new rulers of Afghanistan, except on rare occasions when slogans are in their favor.

In search of international recognition, they are committed to governing less brutally than during their first reign (1996-2001), but women are still largely excluded from the public service and from access to secondary education.

The Taliban have also issued recommendations asking drivers not to drive long distances with women if they are unaccompanied.

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