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Subscription Gaming Services Gain Popularity, Survey Finds


These platforms make it possible to offer unlimited access to a vast catalog of games for a subscription price, usually monthly.

Nintendo, for example, uses its Switch Online service to showcase many games from its extensive catalog originally intended for its consoles that are no longer on the market.

In Quebec, a quarter of video game players said they paid for such services. Nationwide, this proportion rises to 34%.

These services will certainly see their popularity grow, given that in just a few short years we have already won over over a third of Canadian players., said in a press release Matthieu Dupont, director of the Gameloft Montreal studio, which offers his own games on Apple Arcade.

If you still buy games online or in stores, the games free-to-play (F2P, free to play), like the ultra popular Fortnite, where you only make purchases for bonuses like costumes (skins), for example, are the favorites of 56% of gamers nationwide.

The survey also confirms the predominant place that mobile devices have taken in the video game industry, the medium most used by 78% of video game enthusiasts in Canada.

The Léger firm conducted an online survey of 1,930 people in Canada, including 800 residing in Quebec, from October 8 to 11, 2021.

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