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Sweden: the ruling party will announce on Sunday whether it supports joining NATO | War in Ukraine


NATO in 1949 the main political force opposing a membership, a line further reaffirmed at their last congress in November.

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But public opinion and many political leaders have swung in favor of membership, due to the concern caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The government and the parties represented in Parliament must present a new strategic review on Friday aimed at clarifying the choice on theNATO.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö must make his personal position known on a candidacy on Thursday, while the position of the Finnish Social Democrats, also in power, is expected on Saturday.

Officially neutral during the Cold War, Sweden and Finland remained outside theNATO after the fall ofUSSRbut have moved closer to the US-led alliance since the 1990s. Both countries are members of the Partnership for Peace of the’NATO and regularly participate in joint exercises.

The general secretary of theNATOthe Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, claimed that the two countries were the two closest non-member nations to the alliance and that they would be welcomed according to him with open arms in case of application.

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Russia has warned many times in recent weeks against political and military consequences of a Finnish and/or Swedish application.

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