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Synthetic Voice Popularized by TikTok Comes to Instagram’s Reels


Love it or hate it, the robotic voice that reads texts on TikTok is obviously very popular with users. The social network Instagram launched this week a similar feature for its Reels, its competing short video service.

Text-to-speech (text-to-speech in English) makes the videos more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. At least that is its initial function.

However, many creators of content use it to add a touch of humor to their videos, narrated in a monotonous and artificial voice.

The new functionality appears in the text tool, when editing in the Reels camera. You can choose one of the two voices when you select the voice synthesis to read the written text.

Text-to-speech only works for English texts at this time, and Instagram hasn’t said if the feature will be available for other languages ​​in the future.

Instagram has also added voice effects to their app, which can be used to modify their voice in videos on Reels.

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