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Systematically screening for anxiety, a false good idea?


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Systematically screening for anxiety, a false good idea?

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Dr. Christine Grou advocates prevention and education on mental health issues to equip the population to better manage crises if and when they arise.PHOTO: iStock/SIphotography

A US study encourages systematic screening for anxiety in all people aged 19 to 64. But for the president of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, Dr. Christine Grou, we must be careful with this kind of practice, first of all because screening is not a diagnosis. She also looks at what results from a positive screening. How to treat these people who may have come to see their doctor for something completely different?

A screening [consiste] often in a questionnaire that fills out rather quickly. It gives indications, but it is not a diagnosis. »

A quote from

Dr. Christine Grou

The president of the Order also sees as problematic the exclusion of people over 65, who are often at risk for anxiety disorders.

Instead, Dr. Christine Grou advises people who are afraid of suffering from an anxiety disorder to go through psychologists and other trained professionals to detect these disorders, which are diagnosed with their history or symptoms.

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