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Take a 24-hour family screen break


Is it possible to ask a family to take a break from screens for 24 hours, especially on a Sunday? This is the bet that the Capsana organization is making with the Pause event on May 22, and with an incentive of choice: the possibility of winning $2,500 for a vacation in Quebec.

Families are invited during the day to leave screens of all kinds – tablet, telephone, television and computer – to engage in leisure activities.

This day is organized to make people think about their use of screens. Indeed, after the same event last year, a survey was sent to participants. Of these, 60% said they use their screens automatically.

A more conscious use is above all a use over which we have control and which does us good, which satisfies us. It is a use that brings us positive both on a relational and personal level and in our learning, and which does not give us this feeling of emptiness or discomfort once the screens are put down. explains Mrs. Caroline Fitzpatrick, associate professor in the Department of preschool and elementary education at the Université de Sherbrooke and member of the Pause specialist committee.

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To encourage people to register online for the challenge (New window)several tips are offered by Pause, including that of discussing it as a family and planning the day to do activities such as cooking, relaxing, drawing, DIY or gardening, or doing sports.

One way to successfully stay away from screens is to put them away in a drawer for the day. Out of sight out of mind!

Capsana is a social purpose organization of the ÉPIC Foundation, linked to the Montreal Heart Institute, and the PSI Foundation, of Ontario.

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