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Taking an antibiotic after sex greatly reduces the risk of STBBIs | AIDS: on the trail of a pandemic


This could lead to changes in guidelines clinics, estimated with theAFP Steven Deeks, an AIDS specialist at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), who was not involved in the study.

Taking doxycycline reduced rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia infections among men who have sex with men by more than 60%, and also appeared to be highly effective against syphilis, but it did not there were not enough cases for these latter results to be statistically significant.

The drug was so effective that researchers stopped clinical trials sooner than expected.

The publication of this study comes at a time when infection rates for these diseases are on the rise, especially among men who have sex with men, among whom the use of condoms has declined since the generalization of PrEP (preexposure prophylaxis ), an effective preventive treatment against infection with the AIDS virus, HIV.

A previous clinical trial conducted by French researchers had demonstrated the effectiveness of doxycycline as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) against syphilis and chlamydia, but not against gonorrhea.

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This new study was carried out among approximately 500 people, mainly men in homosexual relationships, in San Francisco and Seattle.

Some of these people were undergoing treatment Prep against HIV, others were carriers of this virus.

Within each of these two groups, about two-thirds of the participants received doxycycline, while the others did not. A follow-up was ensured by collecting the results every three months.

The treatment was given within three days after exposure and for as long as necessary depending on the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Taking the antibiotic reduced the incidence of these infections by 62% in participants with HIV, and by 66% in those on the Prep.

Side effects were mild and participants generally followed the treatment diligently.

PEP in men who have sex with men”,”text”:”We now have two studies that support the use of doxycycline as PEP in men who have sex with men”}}”>We now have two studies that support the use of doxycycline as PEP among men who have sex with mensaid lead author Annie Luetkemeyer of UCSF at a press conference.

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I really believe that we need to think very seriously about deploying [ce traitement] and how to incorporate it into the guidelinesin order to advise its use.

However, she pointed out that the available data supported the use of this treatment in a targeted manner in groups at high risk of sexually transmitted infections, but not in everyone.

Further studies should examine the impact of the resistance of these STBBIs or other bacteria to antibiotics, the authors added, as well as the potentially disruptive consequences of these drugs on gut flora.

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