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Telegram reaches over 700 million followers and launches a premium version


In January 2021, we were talking about 500 million people who used the application on a monthly basis.

The war in Ukraine gave Telegram a boost, while major social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were blocked in Russia. However, the app and its encrypted messaging are also popular in Ukraine.

Monetize Telegram

The company has been trying since 2021 to monetize its free application with advertising, while avoiding providing the data of its followers to advertisers. With Telegram Premium, she is exploring another strategy to raise funds.

All features that users have relied on for almost a decade remain freeassures the platform in a blog post.

The Telegram messaging application on a cell phone.

Photo: Getty Images/Carl Court

But enhanced functions requiring more resources will be offered only to those who pay a subscription, the cost of which has not been disclosed. These include file uploads of up to 4 GB, and faster uploads.

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Telegram Premium will also increase the limits of channels and groups to which it is possible to subscribe, from 500 to 1000. Users will also be able to create up to 20 chat folders, with 200 discussions each.

Among the other announced features: exclusive stickers, badges that appear next to the name of subscribed accounts and animated profile photos. Users of the premium version will also no longer see advertising.

The new service should be launched gradually around the world, according to Telegram.

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