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The account of an elected Republican anti-vaccine closed by Twitter


The social network closed his personal account, on which this fervent supporter of Donald Trump, known for his excesses, notably relayed many false information about the vaccine against COVID-19.

Ms. Greene, who also reproduced the allegations of electoral fraud brandished without proof by the former US president, however keeps control of her account as elected to the House of Representatives, which she used less so far.

The social network did not specify which messages had caused the problem, but referred in a statement to its penalty system gradual, which requires several violations before suspending an account.

The controversial elected official had already seen her account blocked for a week in August because she had tweeted that vaccines do not work. On Saturday, she had mentioned again, without any factual element, extremely high death toll from COVID-19 vaccine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene strongly criticized the sanction. Twitter is an enemy of America and cannot face the truth, she wrote in a statement.

It’s okay, I’m going to show America that we don’t need them.

A quote from Georgia State Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

The social network also banned Donald Trump after the assault on the Capitol by his supporters on January 6, 2021, which he had heated white by citing a stolen election.

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