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The climate in Congress weighed down by quarrels fomented by pro-Trump


On the one hand there are those that the Washington post nickname them plastics, these young Republican women who often make the a for controversial comments with the endorsement of their mentor Donald Trump.

On the other, young elected Democrats, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, whom these same Republicans nickname The Squad.

Finally, caught between the two, elected Republican who, under pressure from pro-Trump, are becoming more and more discreet.

And the quarrel between these camps only escalates.

So much so that recently, in early November, Arizona Republican Representative Paul A. Gosar posted a video on twitter depicting him stabbing New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In Congress, the reaction was immediate: he was immediately ejected from several committees. Never mind, Donald Trump offers him his full support.

Then, at the end of November, the Republican representative of Colorado, Lauren Boabert, tells in a private party that she met, in an elevator of the Capitol, Ilhan Omar, Democratic representative of Minnesota. She reports having then launched to the police officer present, as a joke.

She doesn’t have a backpack, we should be okay.

A quote from Lauren Boabert, Republican Representative from Colorado to Congress

The video extract of the evening is made public. Lauren Boabert then apologizes on twitter to people she allegedly offended, but not to Ilhan Omar.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for cracking down on Ms. Boabert: It’s very simple, if you threaten a colleague or if you make racist remarks, you cannot sit on committees.

But above all, the Republican Nancy Mace denounces her Islamophobic remarks, to be immediately rebuffed by her Republican colleague from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor-Greene. The latter writes on twitter: Mace is not a true conservative anyway, because she is pro-abortion..

This is because Nancy Mace was raped during her high school studies. Ms Mace is pro-life, but she has always said that when it comes to cases of rape or incest, she is pro-choice.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a Donald Trump fan of QAnon theories, did not hesitate to add to this, writing that Ms. Mace represents the waste of the Grand Old Party, colloquial name given to the Republican Party.

the two Republican elected officials, who keep insulting each other on Twitter, are therefore summoned separately by Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives. It is because the quarrel, they say, harms the party.

The Republican leader will however try at all costs to spare the goat and the cabbage, so as not to offend the former president. It is with less than a year of the midterm elections, he hopes to become the next speaker of the House of Representatives, if ever the Republicans regain control.

Also, while calling for calm and a certain decorum, he does not dare to condemn the words of Lauren Boabert, which provokes the anger of Ilham Omar who denounces his inaction and does not mince his words.

Kevin McCarthy is a coward and a liar.

A quote from Ilhan Omar, Democratic Representative of Minnesota to Congress
Ilhan Omar, Democratic Representative from Minnesota

Ilhan Omar, Democratic Representative from Minnesota

Photo: Reuters / Jim Bourg

You might think Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Lauren Boabert are extremists within the Republican Party, but that’s not how they see themselves. At the microphone of Steve Bannon, the former special adviser to the president, the representative of Georgia affirms that it is quite the opposite.

We are the very base of the Republican Party.

A quote from Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Republican Representative for Georgia

The future of Grand Old Party would it actually be in the hands of these representatives?

In any case, the numerous resignations of the more moderate representatives of the party seem to confirm that Donald Trump is still in charge.

Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger said at the end of October that he will not stand for re-election. Mr. Kinzinger, a staunch critic of Donald Trump, was among ten Republicans who voted in favor of his impeachment.

The Republican, Anthony Gonzales, who was one of the rising stars of the party, had also voted in favor of impeachment; he will not stand for re-election either.

Originally from Cuba, Anthony Gonzales said in an interview with Jake Tapper: I will do everything in my power to ensure that Donald Trump does not win the presidential primaries. However, he continues, on January 6, when supporters of the ousted president invaded the Capitol, Donald Trump crossed a line. My family fled a dictatorship and I will not let them install one in the United States, he said.

In the meantime, the atmosphere in Congress is tense.

Informed observers have the impression that there is a competition between supporters of Donald Trump on who will make the headlines and, above all, capture the attention of the former president.

Exhausted by this hostile climate, members of Congress called for more action from the House leaders. But for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the responsibility for restoring peace lies with the Republicans.

They have to deal with the fear they generated with their Islamophobic remarks, they are responsible for their elected officials

A quote from Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives
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