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The conservative offensive against “Wokism” is reaching American campuses


They insulted me, called me stupid, retarded or whatevertold AFP Jack, a student moderate conservative from the University of Virginia, 180 kilometers from the capital Washington.

Like him, more and more conservatives – renowned personalities or simply anonymous – reproach the progressives for wanting to muzzle ideas that would be contrary to them.

They tax them with wokistsa term originally used by progressive activists to refer to being awake in the face of injustice, since turned into an insult. And prepare the response.

On the University of Virginia campus where students toss Frisbees on the lawn, Jack began to participate in the events of the Young America’s Foundationa student association that invites commentators, politicians and radio hosts to discuss how to save america from the woke left.

A distinguished guest, ex-Vice President Mike Pence

On this spring evening, the association receives a distinguished guest: the vice-president of the United States under Donald Trump, Mike Pence, 62 years old.

The announcement of his arrival is inscribed in chalk on the tarmac of this campus with elegant red brick buildings classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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Freshman Abby Hinton took her place to learn how to to defend oneself against those who try to push their ideas at the university where left-wing ideas predominate.

Once through the door to the auditorium where the ex-vice president comes to speak, students are presented with miniature copies of the US Constitution, Ronald Reagan pins and stickers I support free speech, not political correctness.

In front of a full and conquered hall, Mike Pence launches into great tirades against political indoctrination who, according to him, replaced patriotic education enjoyed by Americans.

A student asks him about the case of a swimmer from their university, who came second in a 450-meter freestyle against a transgender swimmer, who had in the past competed as a man.

Our tradition of excellence is affected by the left wokelaments the young man, believing that the transgender swimmer should not have been allowed to participate in this competition.

Mike Pence nods.

The left has spent years trying to provoke a culture war. Well, it looks like they finally threw it and they’re losing it. »

A quote from Mike Pence, former Vice President

The sentence is not innocent.

Putting these two camps back to back, repeating this antagonism across campuses, campaign meetings and on social networks is a very effective way to mobilize the right-wing electorate, according to political scientist Larry Sabato. These are the people who come to vote in the primaries.

He takes as an example the case of Glenn Youngkin, elected to the post of governor of Virginia in November 2021 after having campaigned deliberately against a so-called drift in the teaching of racial or sexual questions in schools.

These themes, predicts the professor, will also be addressed repeatedly by the candidates during the next elections – the legislative elections of November and the presidential election of 2024.

Does Mike Pence seek by these positions to make his return to politics, with the White House in the sights?

The question is put to him in the auditorium. The former vice-president lets out a small laugh. I’ll keep you up-to-date.

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