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The Dominican Republic launches the construction of a border wall with Haiti


This barrier will benefit both countries, since it will make it possible to control bilateral trade much more effectively, to regulate migratory flows to combat human trafficking mafias, to combat drug trafficking and illegal arms salesAbinader said at a ceremony in the Dajabon border area.

Elected in 2020, the president, whose fight against illegal immigration is one of the hobbyhorses, had promised to build this wall a year ago. The work will cost $31 million and will last nine months.

The first stage launched on Sunday will have 54 kilometers of closing in the most populated and sensitive areas of the borderaccording to the president.

A second stage will extend the wall by 110 km. It will thus extend over 164 of the 380 kilometers of the porous border between the two neighbors who share the island of Hispaniola.

The reinforced concrete wall on which a metal structure will be placed will be 3.90 meters high and 20 centimeters thick. There will be, the army added, 70 surveillance and control towers.

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An institutional crisis

The serious institutional and security crisis in Haiti has led its population to a worrying situation of political and social instability, as well as an endemic economic and food crisis.said during his speech Mr. Abinader, referring to the upheavals that Haiti has been going through since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on July 7.

Whenever Haiti has suffered a disaster, we Dominicans have always been the first to come to its aid. However, the Dominican Republic cannot take charge of the political and economic crisis of this country nor solve the rest of its problems. »

A quote from Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic

This crisis must be overcome by the Haitians themselves and supported by the international communityhe added.

Migrant organizations criticize the construction of the wall, saying it will cause xenophobia and racism.

Dajabon mayor Santiago Riveron told AFP he disagreed. with this type of wallbecause the real wall is that of the economy and corruption, accusing100 or 200pesos (2or 4dollars)”,”text”:”soldiers from taking bribes of 100 or 200 pesos (2 or 4 dollars)”}}”>soldiers to take bribes of 100 or 200 pesos (2 or 4 dollars) per illegal immigrant.

The Dominican Republic (population 10.5 million) hosts some 500,000 Haitians seeking better living conditions in the much more prosperous neighbor, according to the National Survey of Immigrants.

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