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The driver’s seat on your next Lyft ride in Las Vegas might be empty


Residents of the Nevada city, as well as tourists, will therefore be able to order self-driving car transportation through the Lyft mobile app. Once the car has arrived at the meeting point, the user will be able to unlock the doors using a button on this same application.

A screen is also available for passengers to contact a Lyft staff member if, for example, the car needs to be rescued due to a situation on the road that its system cannot decode. .

So far, Lyft has only managed to get a permit requiring one person to stay behind the wheel of these cars for public transport, as a safety measure. However, the company plans to offer this completely self-drive service in Las Vegas in 2023.

Motional has been testing its self-driving cars in this city for four years.

[Ce lancement] enables users to access Motional’s standalone technology in a way that will be seamless, familiar and personalized, all through a network [Lyft] which these people already trust. »

A quote from Logan Green, CEO of Lyft

Lyft plans to expand its fleet of autonomous electric vehicles to other US cities in 2023, and elsewhere in the world. However, the company remains unclear as to what the next locations will be, and whether Canada is on the list. The service must first obtain the approval of local regulatory bodies.

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