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The effects of cannabis can last for hours or even days


These effects could take the form of acute cognitive impairment which could have considerable repercussions on the daily life of users, explained the author of the study, Dr. Alexandre Dumais.

It confirms certain intuitions […] in our research team, that there is probably something that lasts over timesaid Dr. Dumais, who practices at the National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel. What will remain to be seen is the longer term effect.

The harmful consequences of cannabis begin during its consumption and persist beyond this period, he summarized.

Dr. Dumais and his colleagues merged the results of ten meta-analyses representing more than 43,000 participants, giving their findings considerable weight.

Their work revealed that cannabis intoxication could interfere with decision-making, suppressing inappropriate responses, learning through reading and listening, the ability to remember what one reads or hears, and the time needed to complete a mental task.

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Cannabis consumption could therefore, for example, be detrimental to the academic success, work performance and automobile driving of users.

For school […] it’s clear [que le jeune qui a consommé le matin] going to have a lot of cognitive problems during the daysaid Dr. Dumais. Even in the afternoon and evening, when doing homework, there may be difficulties with learning, memorization and concentration.

These consequences could be more serious among regular users and heavy users, he warns, before pointing out that cannabis use is still largely trivialized.

A good part of the population still perceives cannabis borderline as a medicine that has few negative effects and mainly positive effects, such as the recreational effect or the relief of pain, said Dr. Dumais.

People tell us about these positives, but the negatives are often downplayed or even denied.he said. But if I ask my patients a bit more tightly if they have noticed, for example, memory problems, that it is harder at school or whatever after a certain time, they will be able to admit that when they use more, there are more problems.

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Patients will be much more attached to the positive aspects of cannabis use, he said.

Teenagers and young adults are the main consumers of cannabis on the planet, and it is the most popular psychoactive substance in the world, behind alcohol and nicotine. It is therefore important to understand the cognitive risks associated with its consumption, especially for young people whose brains are undergoing significant developmental changes, believe the researchers.

The findings of this study were published by the medical journal Addiction.

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