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The end of sanitary measures: a lifting that also raises some concerns | Coronavirus


This change, long awaited by some, seems to be happening too fast for others.

A citizen, whom she met when she was about to go shopping, is looking forward to the lifting of the measures. Sydney Michaels indicates that one should trust people’s discernment. It’s like two or three years ago; when you got the flu, you stayed home, she says. The Regina resident has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

People can’t wait for things to get back to normal, to the real normal, and not to the “new normal”. »

A quote from Sydney Michaels, Regina

However, she promises herself to stay home if she notices that she has a scratchy throat or other symptoms. I will do my best to protect others. I will wear the maskshe says.

Roger Lepage, a lawyer in the Saskatchewan capital, had already returned to face-to-face work. While wearing the mask and observing physical distancing, he also had to comply with a few more requirements to enter his workplace.

Each day, each employee must complete a questionnaire to confirm that they have not been exposed to COVID-19. We have to prove that we have received our three vaccineshe said.

According to Roger Lepage, the fatigue experienced by everyone should not overshadow caution.

I think that’s a bit premature. I know we’re all tired with the COVID, but it would be better to wait in four weekshe says, in order to stay on the lookout for a possible new variant of the virus.

Roger Lepage also has reservations about lifting mandatory isolation for people who test positive. If someone tests positive and they don’t self-isolate for five days, it risks spreading the virus again. It’s not safehe points out.

The lifting of the measures scares meadmits for his part Jérôme Melançon, father of two children, referring in particular to the well-known consequences of the long COVID. It is important to continue wearing the mask indoors to care for more vulnerable people who may be affected by COVIDhe notes.

As a parent of a sick child who could be very seriously affected by COVID, I feel left out by the government and by much of the society around me.

With information from Sasha Teman and Bryanna Frankel

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