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The end of the International Space Station scheduled for 2031


Located off the coast of Chile, 2688 km from the nearest land surface, Point Nemo already hosts the remains of 250 to 300 satellites and other space debris, including those of the Soviet Mir and Chinese Tiangong stations.

It is the farthest place from any human civilization that can be found on the globe, says NASA.

The NASA report, which outlines the transition of ISS activities to private sector-led projects, comes weeks after the Biden administration pledged to extend station operations through 2030.

This extension still requires the approval of the US Congress and other partner countries, including Canada, Japan and Russia.

Transition to the private sector

NASA explains in a statement that the goal is now to creating an enabling environment for the private sector in low earth orbit. The private sector is technically and financially capable of developing and operating commercial links in low Earth orbit, with the help of NASA, says Phil McAlister, director of commercial flights at NASA.

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In recent years, NASA has awarded funds to three companies to develop space station concepts. She hopes that one of these projects will be able to take over from the ISS before its announced end.

NASA hopes in the future to send astronauts and continue orbital research by purchasing space on private spacecraft.

The agency estimates that this transition from public to private will save it 1.3 billion US dollars for the year 2031 alone. Money that it believes can be invested in space exploration. distant.

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