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The experience of roadblocks in Africa

People walk down a street in Lagos, Nigeria.

Street scene in Lagos, Nigeria.PHOTO: Sara Christine Gemson

Traveling is the chance to discover different perspectives and have memorable experiences. Things are not always rosy, however. In her most recent travel diary, Sara-Christine Gemson explains that corruption problems have made several meetings and trips to West Africa difficult.

She says in particular that her journey between Lagos, Nigeria, and the Beninese border was punctuated by 27 roadblocks. During some of these forced stops, the authorities sought to intimidate travelers and demanded money. The traveler explains that she still had uneventful passages through the dam.

During her travels between Nigeria, Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon, she also saw disparities in wealth among the population.

Sunset over a forest in Gabon.

Sunset over a forest in Gabon.

Sara Christine Gemson

Toronto native Sara-Christine Gemson travels around the world for a year with her husband. During her journey, she must visit around thirty countries on five continents, including destinations that are not very popular with tourists. She tells us about her adventures in her bi-monthly column.

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