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The expressions of this robot are so realistic that they give cold to the back


Images of a humanoid robot with particularly realistic facial expressions have ignited the web in recent days. This is Ameca, the work of British robotics designer and manufacturer Engineered Arts.

In the video, the Ameca robot can be seen waking up, looking at its arms and hands, then reaching out. On his face, we read expressions of frustration, confusion, and even amazement, when the craft opens its mouth, eyebrows raised.

The robot manages to imitate human emotions almost perfectly. Unlike the Boston Dynamics robots, its technology does not currently allow it to move.

Engineered Arts is not its first humanoid. Mesmer, another robot from the company, is even more realistic. This one offers facial expressions similar to Ameca, but the craft is additionally covered with a skin texture and bone structure similar to that of a human being, drawn from three-dimensional data of real people. , according to its manufacturer.

The British robot designer makes these machines for entertainment purposes. However, he does not rule out the possibility of offering Ameca and Mesmer the ability to speak or walk. Engineered Arts intends to present its robots at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which will be held in hybrid format in Las Vegas next January.

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