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The far-right polemicist Zemmour launches into the French presidential election


It is no longer time to reform France, but to save it. That’s why I decided to run for presidentthe 63-year-old former journalist said.

He made this announcement in a video speech broadcast on his YouTube channel, reading his text behind a period microphone, transparent reference to General de Gaulle during the appeal of June 18, 1940 asking the French to join the Resistance.

The speech was interspersed in particular with images of aggression and urban violence, on the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

You feel like you’re no longer in the country you know, he told the tens of thousands of people connected to listen to him, recounting key figures in French history and culture, Joan of Arc, de Gaulle, Pascal, Descartes, Molière … a country you cherish and which is disappearing.

The reasons for this decline, according to him: immigration, which is not the cause of all our problems even if it makes them all worse, the chimera of a Europe that will never be a nation, politicians of all stripes.

Four and a half months before the election, the former columnist for the daily the Figaro and the CNews channel, the French Fox News, twice convicted of incitement to racial hatred, throws himself into the arena after several months of an unofficial campaign, carried out as part of a tour to promote his latest book.

This admirer of Donald Trump recalls the former American president in his provocations and his excesses, but, unlike the Republican billionaire, does not enjoy the support of a large party.

The constitution of a network on the ground will be one of its many challenges, if only to obtain the 500 sponsorships of elected officials necessary for this candidacy. Asked about this on the TF1 channel Tuesday evening, he felt that the mayors will not want to deprive millions of French people of their candidate, adding to have for the hoursponsorships “,” text “:” between 250 and 300 sponsorships “}}”>between 250 and 300 sponsorships.

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Electrified for weeks by the Zemmour phenomenon, many members of the French political class have castigated or mocked the declaration of candidacy of the polemicist, from a family of Algerian Jewish origin who arrived in France in the 1950s.

Some audiovisual media or personalities also blasted Tuesday the use of their images by Eric Zemmour in his announcement, some threatening the far-right polemicist with legal proceedings.

A wall of screens on which the candidate appears reading a speech.

Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy for the French presidential election in a YouTube video released on Tuesday.

Photo: dpa via getty images / Thomas Samson

Everything is screwed up

Text read in a laborious, sententious way, and a video almost worthy of an opening of a Netflix trailer for the version of the apocalypse, judged the Macronist deputy Bruno Bonnel.

Damien Abad, the leader of the right-wing Les Républicains (LR) party, heir to the Gaullist party, denounced a permanent desire to fracture, to divide, while a spokesperson for the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo sees it the most rancid, mummified far right.

Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the National Rally, the far-right party closest to Eric Zemmour, criticized him a dismal staging, a speech everything is screwed up, not a bearer of hope “,” text “:” basically everything is screwed up, not a bearer of hope “}}”>on the background, everything is screwed up, not a bearer of hope.

According to his supporters met by AFP at certain past gatherings, Eric Zemmour speaks a language of truth. Mathilde, 31, who works in a communication agency, sees the evidence of what he says since the 2015 attacks.

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Marion, 25, employee of a champagne house and LR voter in 2017, likes its way of promoting historic France and its values.

The object of exceptional media attention, Eric Zemmour had made a dazzling breakthrough in the polls since the start of the school year. But he has been accumulating setbacks for several weeks, losing support and points in the polls, and increasing the slippages.

Immigration at the heart of its program

He will hold his first real campaign rally on Sunday at the Zénith in Paris and could talk about his program. Its beginnings promise a referendum on immigration, the abolition of land rights or family reunification.

With this announcement Tuesday, the polemicist, who aims to bring together right-wing and far-right voters, parasitizes the process of investiture underway within LR where activists are called to vote from Wednesday to Saturday to choose from among five suitors.


Éric Zemmour announces his candidacy for the French presidential election

Photo: TurnedNews.com

Marine Le Pen, a time heckled by the candidacy of Zemmour, regularly marks its difference by contesting the displaced radicalism of the polemicist, she who has been working for years to demonize her party. She recently welcomed the fact that Mr. Zemmour allowed her to recenter on the political spectrum.

According to a poll published Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron would come first in the 1st round (23 to 24%, stable), ahead of Marine Le Pen (19 to 20%), whose progression in one week – 3 to 4 points – is inversely comparable to Eric Zemmour’s decline (13%).

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