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The fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is not over


Mario Hudon has ALS for two years. The former radio host received his diagnosis in December 2020.

Since then, he has been fighting to publicize this disease that is eating away at him and to raise funds for medical research. In two years, he estimates that he raised around $60,000.

My goal is to one day tell people who have ALS that they will live. For the moment, we are told that we will die in two to five years and that there are no treatments.

He no longer has the same voice

Over the past year, his condition has deteriorated.

I can’t walk anymore, my hands barely work anymore and I have to try harder to speak because my vocal cords are attacked by the diseasehe describes.

He has not lost his character as a bon vivant. For the rest, we laugh, we joke the same and we always manage to drink a little glass of wine with friends.

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His entourage is his strength, the one that gives him the courage to face this ordeal.

I have two grandchildren that I will not see grow up as I had planned. I want them to be proud of me, to remember me as a guy who got things done and didn’t give up.

One death for each diagnosis

On Saturday, one of his close friends organized a rally open to all, in Lac-Beauport. His goal was to raise $5,000 to fund research.

The treatments are starting to arrive. We have a lot of hope. Not necessarily for me, but for the next onessays Mario Hudon.

To date, only one drug can slow the progression of the disease. The real remedy is long overdue.

According to the researchers, it would take another three to four years before seeing the arrival of the first drug that would cure the disease.says the former radio host.

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In Quebec, there are 600 people suffering from ALS. It is a number that is not increasing. For every diagnosis, there is a deathindicates Claudine Cook, the director general of the Society of ALS of Quebec.

Based on information from Camille Carpentier and Jérémie Camirand

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