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The green zone housing the American embassy in Iraq targeted by rockets


The green zone in Baghdad was the target of two Katyusha rockets. The first was shot down in midair by C-RAM defense batteries, the second fell in a square, damaging two vehicles, according to the press release.

A security source told theFrance Media Agency that the shot down rocket had landed near the American Embassy, ​​while the second had dropped 500 meters away.

Previously this source had indicated to theFrance Media Agency that two rockets had been struck near the embassy.

Sunday’s shooting was not claimed. In recent months, dozens of rocket attacks or drone bomb attacks have targeted American troops and interests in Iraq.

Never claimed, these attacks are systematically blamed by the United States on pro-Iran Iraqi factions.

Sunday’s attack comes as Iraq has already officially announced the end of the combat mission on its territory of the international anti-jihadist coalition led by Washington and American troops engaged in this context.

In fact, the approximately 2,500 American soldiers and the 1,000 coalition soldiers deployed in Iraq will remain there, to pursue a role of training, advice and assistance. But pro-Iran Iraqi factions are calling for the departure of all US forces stationed in the country.

On social networks, the nebula of groups close to these factions is increasing the threats and reminds Washington of the deadline of December 31 to demand this total American withdrawal which was never discussed.

Sunday’s attack comes as Iraq marks the 10th anniversary of the departure of US troops on December 18, 2011, after the 2003 invasion of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Washington then redeployed its troops to the country as part of the anti-jihadist struggle.

At the beginning of November, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi escaped unharmed from an unclaimed drone bomb attack, which targeted his official residence in the Green Zone.

In September, an attack on armed drones targeted Erbil international airport (north) where there is an air base housing troops of the international anti-jihadist coalition.

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